We have also started a project where we welcome all those that want to invest with us in the agricultural sector.

Agriculture Sector

The agriculture project has only been possible after signing a franchisee agreement with TruTrade to work with farmers in order to change their live and have quick return in that we change the negative way farmers look at agriculture as non profitable. between April up-to-date, we have managed to sell over 200,000 kgs of super rice from Pallisa farmers and have also stocked over 786,000 kgs of paddy rice with the help of TruTrade Africa as our business partners.

Byex Group have managed to set up different stores around Kampala to work with the already existing agribusiness people so that we can move in hand with our mission and TruTrade to improve farmers lives plus achieving targets set for the end of July 2016. we to upload a full financial report for the past two months so that our customers are updated on how the company is progressing.